Meet Monica, The Right-Brained Lead Account Manager at Codis Group

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Hello! I’m Monica, one of the leaders here at Codis Group!

People would say I’m much more of a right brained person than I am a left. Most of my life has revolved around some form of art; singing, dancing, drawing, painting, etc. and anything outdoors I’m in! Being at Codis has taught me many valuable lessons and skills.


Applying Creativity

My biggest lesson was learning how to apply my creativity in a real world setting and using it to become solution oriented.


Art outside of Codis Group

Thanks to the skills that I’ve learned here I was even able to open an art business during quarantine (Surprise surprise).


Helping Others

I love that my role as a leader is centralized around helping other people grow and develop personally and professionally.

As a kid my dream was to be a doctor and though I may not be saving anyone’s life these days,  I am helping people in a way that’ll have a long term positive impact on their lives and that’s priceless.

Thanks and stay safe everyone!

– Monica, Lead Account Manager, Codis Group
Codis Group

Codis Group

At Codis Group we believe that any personal vision of success is achievable, when integrity, a consistent winning attitude, and hard work are combined.

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