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Codis Group Assistant Manager promotion

Working Full-Time at Codis Group:

Our website typically focuses on what we are able to provide for our clients- customer acquisition, R.O.I., out team’s focus on results. But, inevitably, if someone wanted to know what it took to be part of the team and was seeking an exciting career option, there is certainly a lot still be to be said. So, here are a couple perspectives on what we look for in applicants and descriptions of what we do from some of our hiring managers. Variety is the spice of life… apply to the description that fits you best! All of these interpretations are for the same position- but do us a favor, if this potentially is a good fit based on what you read, apply to that one… there might, or might not, be a small wager on the line.

Description No. 1

Here, what we provide is a guaranteed R.O.I for our clients. How we do that is face to face acquisition through a retail channel. No better way to obtain long lasting customers then by building a phenomenal relationship in a one on one setting. What we look for someone in this role is an individual with an upbeat, outgoing personality that has great communication skills. Does that sound like you? If so, stay with me during this journey. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients grow throughout the continental US and how we do that is an internal management development program. We cross train into areas such as small- scale management, human resources and campaign management. All of our training is provided by proven industry leaders that have shown they know how to get results and do it at a high level. We love to help people grow, so if you are not a team player you can just turn around, this journey is over. But if you are, our upbeat and energetic environment is waiting for you! Apply below and our talent acquisition team will review your credentials!


Description No. 2

Our hiring team in excited to sit down with applicants who value integrity, work ethic, team work, and positivity. Our growing company, in an expanding industry, requires strong leadership that can effectively manage others and get great results for large, well-known clients. We effectively do this by training our employees from the basics of sales, to the responsibility of leadership. We specialize in face to face acquisition of new customers in retail stores and have a proven track record for exceptional results. As a company we emphasize personal relationships and celebrate social interaction to create a better environment for professional development, a better company culture, and plain old fun. If this appeals to you please apply and see if we are a good match.


Description No. 3

I take the responsibility of being a hiring manager very seriously. I’m at least a couple cups of coffee deep so that I am laser focused on finding the next superstar for the company. That said, I usually gravitate towards those that have a spark. The spark might be in an applicant’s desire to advance quickly in a growing company- yup. It might come from an expressed desire to work collaboratively in a team environment and develop strong relationships- boom. My ears perk to stories that show amazing work ethic and leadership- aw yeah. In a nutshell, I look for people that can laugh in the face of challenges, gracefully take on responsibility, and hold others to their potential– all while getting awesome results that would make any client happy. That’s the job. But if we get down to brass tacks, we will train someone in sales all the way up to management positions representing billiondollar clients- Boom! So, if any of that appeals, or if you want to simply find out for yourself what we do and why we do it- apply… or don’t… but really though, apply.